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David Hastings
Passions Character Bio


David Hastings is a mystery. When first scene, he was overseas flipping through an American tabloid when he came across a picture of Grace Bennett, whom he seemed to immediately recognize. He quickly came to Harmony, where he began to follow Grace around, and make cryptic phone calls to people, tell them that he had finally found her. When he did finally see Grace, she fainted, and he took her up to his bedroom at the bed and breakfast, where they were found by Sam, who knocked David out, and had him arrested. He refused to say anything at all, but finally blurted out that Grace was his wife! Realising Grace was amnesiac, he told her that they had married in Hartford, and travelled around the coast, until one day she had left him to go to Boston in search of her sister, Faith. He said he received no contact from her in the months she was there, and thought she was dead until he saw her picture in the paper twenty-three years later. He came to Harmony with the hopes of getting her back, but was prepared to walk away when he saw how much in love she and Sam were, and how happy she was with him...until she asked him to stay, which is exactly what he had planned for. He spies on Grace and Sam as often as possible, and his plan is to take Grace away from Harmony and everyone there...his plans for their future in no way include Grace and Sam's three children.

It has been revealed that Ivy hired David to break-up Sam and Grace. His son John recently became a pawn in the game when Ivy sent for him. Joh believes Grace is is mother and they are bonding. However, recently both Grace and John have agreed to take DNA tests proving that Grace and John are mother and son.

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